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Dedly Tips : Knowing Yourself is Important

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Being honest with yourself helps you to pave your personal path to whatever success is to you. When you tell yourself the truth you are able to identify your path. Truth will also keep you on YOUR path. Capitalizing on your top skills while taking advantage of opportunities that fit your character are also crucial when becoming a creative professional.

If you tend to procrastinate, try keeping a schedule for projects to identify when it’s crunch time.

If you are overwhelmed easily, break up your tasks into smaller goals with deadlines.

You don't like large conventions? Try selling at smaller shows and sell products online.

Knowing yourself helps you to be realistic about your capabilities as an artist and as a person. We all have weaknesses and it's best to try to leverage your strengths and weaknesses to your benefit!

If it’s hard to identify your strengths and weaknesses, just ask a colleague, partner or peer you trust. Make sure to drop your guard and consider their advice even if it hurts. This is really tough sometimes. My partner tends to be one of my toughest critics but I know that they care about me and they want the best for me. When I view the feedback that way I realize they aren't a tough critic, they are someone that cares about me and wants my success just as much as I do.

Honesty in Your Artwork

Honesty can go a long way when it comes to taking jobs and knowing your limits. Honesty also correlates to the work itself. When taking on freelance work, make sure to take on the work you want. If you hate making logos and you take a logo job, you will move slowly and probably not create the best product that you could. A mismatched project can lead to client conflict and stress. Try to find work that suits your style or work that puts you in good standing with a company or artist you always wanted to collab with.

Your truth is your compass!

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