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Why is it important to be confident in yourself and your art?

Fear and anxiety are a creator's worst enemy. Fear often becomes the reason we don't start or why we make excuses. We sit and wait for "our time" . "Our time" will never arrive if you don't put yourself out there.

  • The best time to create doesn't really exist.

  • You won't always be ready for your "15 minutes" nor can you prepare for it.

  • You will never feel skilled enough to begin.

Confidence is necessary to combat fear. Confidence comes from stepping to the challenge and understanding the truth that everything is a process . Creative success can require immense discipline, effort, time and courage. The cool part is you’re already probably doing most of what success requires which is creating something! Try not to compare your art to others, their journey is different. Following your own path helps you to develop a style/voice of your own.

So, what do I do if I don't like my art?

I have asked many artist if they feel happy with their current skill level, most times they will say no and talk about wanting the skills of their mentors/artistic heroes. It's hard not to feel inadequate when we are fed a constant stream of talent on social media. The crazy thing that always baffles me is that many artist envy each other regardless of skill level. The only thing that can save you from this feeling is targeted practice. If you don't like something about your work, focus on that, study, practice and correct it! You WILL get better if you do this and you will become happier with your work.

Quick Tip: There is a tendency to feel that every piece you create must be a masterpiece. You can definitely set your mind to creating a masterpiece but this does not guarantee a perfect outcome. when it comes to style, people seek work that speaks to them. The best thing to do is create work that speaks to you because ultimately you will find your “tribe”. They are your true supporters!

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